Foundation for a toilet in the country - let's build a reliable foundation!

The dacha does not have high requirements regarding comfort, especially if it is used seasonally. So many owners decide to build an outdoor toilet.

It is not difficult to cope with this task, but you need to decide what kind of foundation for the toilet you will build with your own hands. You also need to know in advance how to attach a country toilet to the foundation. Not all existing types of foundations are suitable for an outdoor toilet. Some of them are impractical, and other bases are not suitable due to their design.

Acceptable sectors on the site for installing a bathroom

There are rules that should not be deviated from:

  1. The toilet should be located as far as possible from water sources (natural reservoir, wells, etc.), otherwise fecal waste will seep into the waters underground.
  2. You should not build a toilet house close to a neighbor's property. A distance of at least a meter must be maintained.
  3. There is no need to place this mansion in the middle of the site so that the stench does not reach the living space.
  4. Since most owners clean pits with vacuum cleaners, it will be necessary to provide free space for special vehicles to access the structure.
  5. It is better to place the house in the shade - there is no reason for such a building to “sunbathe” under the sun.
  6. The choice of soil for the toilet is of great importance. There is no need to build on floating land.
  7. You may not be able to meet all of these conditions. Only the first requires mandatory execution. If the ground waterways are no deeper than 2.5 meters, then building a bathroom in this place is prohibited by the standards established by the SES.

Toilet foundation

Types of country toilet

A backlash closet is installed inside the house, and a cesspool or septic tank is installed on an area outside the building.

The projects of country houses, cottages and bathhouses of the MariSrub company involve just such solutions when the bathrooms are located indoors. After all, it is convenient and practical, and the company’s experts will take care of the installation of the toilet and sewerage system. You will find many interesting projects here.

Scheme of construction of a backlash closet

“MariSrub” specialists will make changes to the option you like or develop an individual project. They will help you select and install a septic tank, or arrange a cesspool, and install sewerage for a private home.

A powder closet does not require a cesspool. This is a simple and affordable solution for a summer cottage, where instead of a pit, a container is used, which is installed under the toilet and cleaned periodically. To eliminate odors, sawdust, hay or peat are poured into the toilet.

The powder closet is installed directly above the cesspool or above the container in which waste will be collected. Let's look at how to make the foundation for such a toilet in the country with your own hands in both cases.

Types of foundations for a country bathroom

There are several types of foundation available for consideration:

  • columnar;
  • ribbon-columnar;
  • tape;
  • merged;
  • basement;
  • pile

To make the base, you can safely do it yourself, using support structures of the first three items from the list presented. The rest are carried out using special mechanisms and machines. Having chosen a certain foundation, you can select building materials and the tools necessary for the work. Before describing how to build a foundation, let's consider building a cesspool.

Toilet foundation

Required Tools

Clay Crushed stone Cement Plywood Corner Roofing felt Sand Board Gravel Beam Construction nails Tape measure Hammer Shovel Show all
You can build a toilet with a cesspool, which is often installed in suburban areas and dachas, yourself. We will describe all the intricacies of this process, starting from laying the foundation and ending with installing doors to the country closet.

  • 2 Construction of a cesspool with your own hands - rules
  • 3 Foundation for the toilet - a simple and reliable strip base
  • 4 Columnar base - do it yourself
  • 5 We build and equip a cabin in a country bathroom - instructions

Pit construction

There are filtering and non-filtering pits. In the former, the bottom absorbs waste. For the second, the bottom is concreted. To form a hole you need to do the following:

  • dig a well 2-4 meters deep with an inclination towards the back wall of the future closet;
  • compact the soil at the bottom, make a 20-centimeter layer of clay on top and concrete it;
  • the filtering method involves adding sand in a layer of 15 cm, a thin layer of pebbles, or crushed stone, of large caliber;
  • in the first type of pit you can place some kind of container made of plastic or metal, only without a bottom and top;
  • the walls of the pit can be built of brick;
  • if you equip the pit with concrete rings, you will need special mechanisms for turning heavy materials;
  • at the very end, remove the ventilation duct from the back wall of the toilet.

Build a brick one or choose a temporary toilet

Even if you use the site only seasonally, you still cannot do without this building. You won't run under the currant bushes

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