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How to properly cover a columnar foundation from the outside?
The issue of designing a basement arises not only during the construction of a new house. It is relevant and
Expansion of the foundation for brick cladding - stages of work With the introduction of new standards for
Natural stone for finishing the basement of a house: selection and installation
Natural stone for finishing the base is an excellent solution that makes it possible to protect the structure
What paint is best to use for finishing the base and why?
The long life of any building depends on the reliability of its foundation. Concrete or brick that
How to lay out a plinth correctly: necessary tools, features of the mortar, laying on top of the foundation
Constructing a basement using the one-brick laying method is popular. Already several
How to calculate a brick for a plinth and what parameters to take into account when calculating?
The plinth gives strength and stability to the structure, therefore, when constructing a building, a plinth must be made. He
How high should the basement be for a brick house?
One-story house with a basement When choosing or ordering a project for building a house, it is sometimes necessary
Pouring the basement floor: technology and sequence of work
For many years there have been debates on the Internet about whether a monolithic basement is needed in
How to install flashings on the foundation of a wooden house
22715 ebbs ebbs for the foundation with your own hands foundation The base of the house can be located flush with
Plastering the foundation with your own hands: from choosing cement to grouting the surface
What types of stone-like plasters are there? Stone plinth plaster imitates masonry of various textures and character
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