Construction of a pile foundation with your own hands
Pile foundation Any foundation that will be built for a house must be reliable and durable.
Technologies for driving piles at a construction site
A builder who often encounters pile foundations and is familiar with the technology of their construction often does not know
Calculation of racks. The procedure for performing stability calculations Calculation of an L-shaped rack
Load calculation Calculation of the load on pillars is carried out taking into account all static and dynamic influences.
Example of calculation of bored piles: according to bearing capacity, minimum distance
This article should begin by mentioning that the very concept of “bearing capacity of piles”
SNiP 2.02.03-85. Cast-in and bored piles
Very often in construction the technology of laying pile foundations is used. Different types of piles make it possible
Technologies for constructing pile foundations on permafrost soils during construction according to the first principle and the scope of application of each of them. Control of freezing of piles with soil.
The north and northeast of Russia are 60% of the soils that are in a state of
SNiP 2.02.01-83 Foundations of buildings and structures. Part 4
5.1.1. Formulation of the problem. Calculation schemes for the problem of determining the final stabilized settlement of the foundation due to action
Structural and geometric parameters (standard sizes) of screw piles 57, 76, 89, 108, 133, 159, 219, 325
Pile foundation Low bearing capacity or water saturation of the soil is one of the most important problems
vibratory driving of piles
Driving piles - driving options, differences in installation methods for reinforced concrete supports
Types, methods and technology of piles are used to create foundations that can stand correctly on
pile field
Construction of pile foundations and geodetic breakdown of the pile field
To organize a pile foundation, it is necessary to carry out work to press reinforced concrete supports into the ground. After