Column formwork for the gazebo: we make the formwork for the gazebo step by step
A gazebo is a traditional decoration of any urban or suburban area. Therefore, when planning the territory, for
How to use reinforced concrete (RC, RCC) driven piles: types, features, installation
Reinforced concrete piles, which have long been used in
wooden columnar foundation
How to build a columnar wooden foundation? Economical solution
For the construction of small and light buildings, such as bathhouses or cottages made of rounded timber
DIY spiral staircase to the second floor + drawings
DIY spiral staircase to the second floor + drawings A spiral staircase is
Installation of bored piles under the protection of casing pipes
Collaboration of piles in the foundation concept of the cluster effect
Processes occurring in the soil when piles operate under load. The vertical load taken up by a suspended pile is
Sheet piling fencing for a pit: scope of application, design, arrangement technology, prices in Moscow
Pile fencing Different types of piles are used in construction. They are used as a foundation for
Grillage scheme
Foundation on screw piles: scope, construction stages, cost, advantages and disadvantages
Where are screw piles used? This type of support is used in the construction of civil and industrial facilities.
Thick-walled steel screw piles (modified)
Metal piles are used to make foundations on soft soils, areas with difficult terrain, near
Production of screw piles: equipment and technology
Screw piles are one of the most popular building materials on the world market. Be surprised by this
Rent a pit drill inexpensively in Moscow and the region
Sectional type of drilling Use a drill for a pile foundation - inexpensive, but very convenient
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