Distance between screw piles for a frame house
The technology for constructing a foundation based on a pile structure is considered one of the most reliable and practical.
GOST 19804.5-83 Hollow round piles and solid reinforced concrete shell piles with non-prestressing reinforcement. Design and dimensions
Unlike conventional piles used to create pile foundations, shell piles are hollow rods
Bulk soils Construction of foundations on bulk soils 1. Specify the type of bulk soil in the project
Cutting down piles
Cutting down the heads of single piles and sheet piles
November 1, 2020 Stroyexpert Home page » Foundation » Installation Cutting down piles One of
felling of pile heads in Moscow
Methods for cutting reinforced concrete piles. Equipment for cutting piles of square and round cross-section produced by JSC "SI".
The best way to make the structure of your home more stable and durable is to hammer reinforced concrete
Bored injection piles
Manufacturing technology and areas of application of drilled injection piles
Bored injection piles (BIS) are used in the construction of objects located in densely built areas: city microdistricts,
Pile testing
Pile testing - dynamic and static methods
Long before the start of construction of a capital structure, a whole range of measures is carried out to ensure the right choice
Dynamic testing of piles with determination of elastic failure
Dynamic testing of piles with determination of elastic failure
Any pile structure is installed according to preliminary calculations. You can't just show up at the station,
What are composite piles
Installation of screw piles in water, swamp, peat, clay
Composite driven piles - reinforced concrete structures consisting of several elements, used to create supports
Pile failure: concept and calculations
Determination of pile foundation settlement, calculation of pile foundation settlement
Piles are special rods made of metal, concrete or wood that are buried in
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