Green roof - “roof garden”


Green roofing is one of the oldest types of primitive roofing coverings, which, thanks to the development of construction technologies, has recently received a “second life”. Green roofing is also suitable for turnkey log houses inexpensively from the company. Nowadays, “roof gardens” can be seen on the roofs of elite high-rise buildings, restaurants or cafes, on the balconies of apartments, where corners of wildlife are created in the middle of concrete buildings. Some cottage owners are interested in placing decorative landscaping on their roofs, since in private properties the roof is an ideal place to relax. A modern green roof in use is a systemic multi-layer structure on a load-bearing reinforced concrete base. From top to bottom, the design usually consists of the following elements:

1. Soil with plants. The height of the soil (substrate) can vary from 5 cm (extensive roofs) to 20 cm and higher (intensive), depending on the green spaces. Green spaces can be either lawn grass with flower beds or ornamental trees.

2. Filter layer – protects the soil from washing out and drainage from clogging.

3. Drainage layer - to drain excess water.

4. Protective layer.

5. Thermal insulation.

6. Reinforced concrete floor.

When choosing green spaces, and, accordingly, the height of the soil, it is necessary to take into account not only aesthetic considerations, but also the strength of the foundation, the amount of precipitation, wind loads, the slope of the floor, etc. Thus, in addition to the design solution, a full-fledged engineering calculation of loads must be carried out. Climatic conditions are also taken into account in order to provide for artificial irrigation, water drainage, and determine the conditions for further operation and care of plants. Currently, the most common plants used for decorative decoration of roofs are the so-called Sedums, another name is Sedum. This is a huge genus of plants, widely found in different climatic zones of the northern hemisphere. They are cold-resistant, light-loving, and it is thanks to these qualities that they are widely used. Problems with green roofs usually arise due to poor drainage installation and poor slope, which causes stagnation of water, waterlogging, root disease and death of drought-resistant plants. Sometimes, on the contrary, plants die due to drought. Therefore, extremely high-quality installation of a green roof and its further proper operation are so important.

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