Do-it-yourself waterproofing of a strip shallow foundation: horizontal and vertical
Owners of cottages and country houses often face the problem of dampness under the floor. At first it
Calculator for calculating the amount of concrete for installing metal fence posts
A columnar foundation is a system of pillars located at the corners of the structure, at the intersection of load-bearing
The nuances of building a foundation for a bathhouse with a drain
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How to use reinforced concrete (RC, RCC) driven piles: types, features, installation
Reinforced concrete piles, which have long been used in
bring water into the house
Laying the foundation for a house - the order of work
We carry water from the well to the house You will have to install a well or well at your own expense
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Strip foundation In most cases, it doesn’t take a lot of work to make a strip foundation with your own hands.
Inverted bowl foundation: pros and cons, dimensions
Features of a slab-strip foundation Layout of a monolithic slab-strip foundation: soil; sand and gravel cushion; geotextiles; footing; waterproofing;
Which foundation is better on chernozem soils? Which foundation is better for a house made of aerated concrete on black soil? What brick to use for the foundation
The key factors when choosing a foundation and its depth are as follows: Type of soil. Freezing depth
Self-production of formwork for the construction of garden paths
A garden plot is exactly the place where it should be cozy. Unfortunately, from
How to properly cover a columnar foundation from the outside?
The issue of designing a basement arises not only during the construction of a new house. It is relevant and