Calculation of footings
Concrete preparation for the foundation - SNiP requirements and construction of footings
What is a footing and why is it needed? The footing performs several useful functions at once: Creates
How to insulate the foundation and basement of a private house
SHARE ON SOCIAL NETWORKS FacebookTwitterOkGoogle+PinterestVk Thermal protection is an important task that must be performed in order to reliably
What does removable formwork look like?
Reliable formwork is the key to high-quality foundation construction
When building a private country house, you cannot do without a concrete base - the foundation. For that,
Grillage: arrangement of monolithic and beam grillage
A pile grillage or strapping beam is an iron or reinforced concrete structure that unites everything
What should be the minimum grillage height for a pile foundation?
A grillage is an element of a pile foundation that serves to connect piles into a single structure. The harness is being arranged
definition of ground level
Groundwater: what is groundwater, at what depth are they located, composition and types of liquid
What we use every day for drinking and cooking depends on
Fig. 1: Construction of a secant pile
Technology for installing bored piles with casing: installation features, video
Construction of a bored secant pile The main difference between a bored secant pile and a bored pile is a continuous installation with partial
Construction of a monolithic foundation for a private house
Today, all over the world, such a branch of the national economy as