Finishing the facades of country houses

Transforming a summer country “birdhouse” into an all-season country house is not as difficult as it might seem at first glance. As they say, trouble has begun. First you built an extension on one side to increase the living space, then you added a room on the other.

Despite their righteous labors, they didn’t even notice how cold it had become - summer was over, the house became somehow damp and uncomfortable. Stoves and heaters will not fundamentally solve the problem, and from the outside the building looks somewhat eclectic... In this situation, there is only one way out - to finish the facade of the house, thereby killing two birds with one stone: insulate the interior (preventing the accumulation of excess moisture) and give uniformity to the external appearance of the building. The fastest, most reliable and inexpensive way is to install a suspended ventilated façade.

This façade system has virtually no restrictions in use and is made of durable, non-combustible materials. Installation work is carried out as quickly as possible and at any time of the year. For cladding, you can choose plastic siding, profiled sheets, porcelain tiles, or aluminum blocks. Facade shading mesh during construction is used to hide the building from unnecessary views, prevents debris and tools from falling on people, including keeping fallen tools in working condition, and also protects the building from direct sunlight. And now you already have a nice all-season home where your family will be happy to come during the winter holidays to go skiing and breathe in the fresh frosty air.

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