Training of environmental safety specialists: features and nuances


Training of environmental safety specialists: features and nuances

This requirement is specified in Article 7 of the Federal Law “On Environmental Protection”. Training is necessary so that when performing official duties they can make the right decisions that affect the state of ecology and the environment.

What EB specialists study

Training of environmental safety specialists, first of all, involves studying the basics of environmental management and environmental legislation. During the training, the economic nuances of environmental management and basic approaches to assessing the impact of hazardous production factors on the environment are also studied. In addition, specialists undergoing such training study the most popular methods of environmental monitoring. The training program also provides an overview and analysis of all the main environmental issues that relate to the field of activity of a particular specialist. Russian and international experience in solving these problems is also studied.

Thanks to the knowledge gained, upon completion of the training course, the specialist will be able to: ensure compliance with current legislative requirements in the field of environmental safety; independently prepare reports and other local documentation; control regulatory documentation; carry out production monitoring of the environmental situation; represent the organization in the process of inspections by environmental supervision authorities.

Thus, training specialists in environmental safety helps to significantly minimize the risks of the enterprise. The head of any organization dealing with dangerous and harmful production factors should understand this, and proctoring in e-learning .

Fines for lack of confirmed knowledge in the field of environmental safety

Managers of enterprises with hazardous production factors must take into account not only the need to increase the competitiveness of the organization, but also the requirements of the current law. And it says that the lack of environmental training threatens with serious penalties. Depending on the severity of the offense, the administrative fine can reach 250 thousand rubles. Moreover, such an enterprise faces a more serious penalty in the form of administrative suspension of activities for up to three months. That is why the managers of such organizations should make sure that all employees working with hazardous waste of hazard classes I-IV have the necessary licenses and certificates.

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