Moscow laboratories


If you have a need for any type of analysis, research, testing of a prop, material, device, product, etc. – turn to professionals, Moscow laboratories are at your service. In the capital there are almost all types of chemical, physical and testing laboratories that conduct a huge number of different analyzes - from medical to software analysis. All accredited laboratories in Moscow are equipped with modern equipment and employ highly qualified specialists who can give competent conclusions. Let's look at what type of laboratories can be found in the capital. Firstly, these are, of course, the medical laboratories of Moscow. There are about 20 of them. In recent years, the healthcare services market has experienced a period of rapid growth and expansion. Medical laboratories did not stand aside, which significantly expanded the range of diagnostic services and the range of research activities. Moscow laboratories currently exist both on state support - at hospitals, research centers, and in private practice - as independent laboratories. In both of them you can get a study of blood, urine and other secretions. Sanitary laboratories conduct chemical and microbiological analyzes of water and food products, and provide assistance in the fight against parasites. It is worth mentioning separately about Moscow laboratories working in the field of immunology and reproductive medicine. Such laboratories deal with problems of motherhood and childhood, diagnosis and partly treatment of infertility (usually the medical center where the laboratory is organized is involved in treatment). Also, immunology and reproduction laboratories usually include pregnancy support from conception to birth and advisory services in their list of services. They are creating schools for preparing for childbirth and schools for young mothers. Veterinary laboratories also work in the field of medicine. Veterinary laboratories in Moscow most often have to provide services related to pets - cats and dogs. In all veterinary laboratories you can take tests to diagnose a disease in an animal, get the necessary vaccinations, and get qualified advice on caring for your animal. There are 26 large veterinary laboratories in Moscow. Let's move from medical laboratories associated with the research and diagnosis of diseases of living organisms, to laboratories in Moscow, where inanimate objects are examined. Electrical laboratories located in the capital provide testing services for various electrical devices, can find damage to the power cable, and measure current strength. Their most common and sought-after service is the precise location of faulty cable lines. Moscow construction laboratories carry out examinations of ready-made buildings where construction has been completed and provide their services during the construction process. They can test individual building materials and structures made from them, perform cost analysis and check the correctness of material consumption, test load-bearing structures for strength and reliability, and many other construction-related services. There are also independent chemical laboratories in Moscow, testing laboratories of various types, which have climatic testing chambers . Moscow laboratories working in the field of information technology deserve special attention - this is Kaspersky Laboratory (engaged in the fight against virus programs and ensuring the safety of work on the Internet) and TYPO3 Laboratory (its activities are related to the creation and optimization, administration of websites).

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